Ocean Technology Companies in Newfoundland and Labrador

Newfoundland and Labrador Successes

Wondering if success is possible in the ocean tech industry? Here are some of Newfoundland and Labrador's winners.

Rutter Technologies Inc.

Rutter Technologies began in 1996, and Conpro acquired a controlling interest of the company in 2001. Rutter currently employs over 200 people. It has a single manufacturing location and a network of more than 100 service locations in 70 countries around the world. It offers a growing range of products suited for harsh and hard to service climates. Recently, Rutter announced their new Sigma S6 Oil Spill Response Radar technology, and became the first North American company to be recognized by the Norwegian Clean Seas Association (NOFO), the industry standard for ensuring safe and efficient oil spill response operations. For more information see rutter.ca.

Blue Ocean Satellite Systems Inc.

Blue Ocean Satellite Systems (BOSS) was established by owner and current president Paul Anderson in 2003. BOSS provides Vessel Monitoring Systems (VMS) and related services for commercial fisheries and professional mariners, especially in harsh environments. Their products and services enable vessels to be tracked and communicated with remotely, and the value added to customers is data acquisition, asset location and monitoring, and remote site security. Offerings include products such as the SkyHawk, the AxTracker, and the Mercury service. Aggressively pursuing over 100 geographic markets, they are on track to grow market share and sales substantially. Go to blueoceans.ca to get more information.

Virtual Marine Technology

Virtual Marine Technology is led by Captain Anthony Patterson and Randy Billard. Developing simulators for survival and fast response craft, and high speed electronic navigation training, VMT boasts a staff of outstanding engineers producing world-class technologies. In May, 2010, VMT's SurvivalQuest became the world's first Survival Craft Operation Simulator to be approved as a class "S" simulator by Det Norske Veritas (DNV). DNV is an international leader in risk management services, whose precise research and innovation often defines industry standards. See vmtechnology.ca to learn more.

Emerging Ocean Technology Companies

Along with previous successes, the province continues to see the rise of new ocean technology companies.

Grey Island Energy

Led by management team Tim Gardiner, Chief Visionary Officer and founder, Daniel Hoyles, Vice President, Chief Operating Officer and Brian Lundrigan, Chief Technical Officer, Grey Island Energy (GIE) is a young start-up company conducting research and development in the alternative energy industry. GIE's motto, "harnessing the motion of the ocean for a sustainable future", reflects Tim's commitment to build a technology that harvests the ocean's naturally occurring energy. The goal is to convert the energy into a consistent, clean, inexpensive supply of electricity suitable for a number of applications. See greyislandenergy.com for more information.


Pioneered by Dan Brake, Philippe LeBlanc and Rod Thistle, EMSAT Corporation is responding to the rising demand for quality environmental data and reporting, especially in marine environments. A technology integration software company, EMSAT focuses on environmental data collection, analysis and display. Visit emsatcorp.com for more information.

SubC Control Ltd.

Chad Collett and Adam Rowe are the owners of SubC Control Ltd. This company was founded when Chad, drawing upon his significant expertise in underwater vehicles, recognized a solution to some complex problems that occur in this professional underwater market. Products include High Definition (HD) video, Digital Images, 3D Video, Lighting, and Recording Systems. Go to subccontrol.com to learn more.

ExtremeOcean Innovation

Founded by Peter Gifford, ExtremeOcean Innovation's primary business focus is the development of new technology and products for the marine industry. ExtremeOcean Innovation is currently actively involved in development of the TransSPAR Craft for transferring people, supplies and equipment to and from offshore wind turbines. The TransSPAR Craft was recently selected as one of 13 successful design proposals selected in the Carbon Trust Offshore Wind Accelerator Access Competition. To learn more visit extremeocean.ca/.

Whitecap Scientific Corporation

Whitecap, founded by Dr. Richard Charron and Dr. Sam Bromley, is bringing advanced vision system technologies to the work-class ROV sector. They are enabling ROV pilots to work faster, more safely, with less fatigue, thereby providing tangible improvements to the bottom line of both service providers and production markets. To learn more visit whitecapscientific.com.